Saturday, July 23, 2011


Anders Behring Breivik - brainwashed assassin?

Anders Behring Breivik is the suspect held in connection with the 22 July 2011 attacks in Norway.

He describes himself as being a freemason [6]

Norway's TV2 claims Breivik has links to right-wing extremism.

"He was known to be active on the internet, expressing extremist Islamophobic views on forums and criticizing immigration policies." (More on the Alleged Norwegian Killer )

Freemason Breivik.

The CIA has financed brainwashing operations in Norway.

The 4 September 2000 issue of the Norway Post revealed that the government of Norway was injecting children, psychiatric patients, and others with LSD in the 1950s and 1960s. (Cached)

Examples of brainwashed assassins are said to include:

Sirhan Sirhan, who supposedly shot Robert F. Kennedy.

Mark David Chapman, who killed John Lennon.

Jared Lee Loughner (JARED LOUGHNER ~ MK ULTRA?)

Lee Harvey Oswald

Experiments were carried out on children. Website for this image

Norwegian children experimented on - Telegraph

30 Nov 2002

"Norway's powerful Justice Committee has ordered the government to compensate thousands of people, many of whom were locked up in lunatic asylums...

"The committee's decision comes as the Norwegian Supreme Court prepares to issue a verdict in December in an appeal case brought by 17 ... children against the Norwegian government for gross abuse at the hands of the state...

There are still hundreds of 80-year-old women in Norway wondering where their kids went... they never saw them again...

"Many of the ... children claim that they were sexually abused, beaten, mass raped, urinated on and washed in chemicals.

"Reports ... suggested the children had been subjected to experiments with LSD in which at least five died.

"Paul Hansen said he was locked up at the age of three for seven years in a mental hospital, along with mentally ill grown-ups.

"Anne-Marie Grube said ... 'I was locked up on the first floor of the house, was never allowed to have anyone visit. I was given food and clothing but nothing else."

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg - member of Bilderberg.

Bilderberg Conference 2002, Chantilly, Virginia, nr. Washington D.C

The 22 July 2011 attacks on Norway are most likely an inside-job, carried out by elements of the security services of Norway, NATO, the CIA and Mossad?

The aim of the attacks is most likely to advance the agenda of the CIA, NATO and Israel?

Mossad works closely with the police and security servicers in Norway.

"Norwegian-Israeli secret service cooperation runs within the framework of the so called 'Kilowatt group'.

"This is a 'loose informal and practice oriented' network of secret services including the NATO-countries, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel and South Africa. It was created in the early seventies on Israeli initiative with the declared aim to combat terrorism." (MOSSAD PARTICIPATED IN POLICE...)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


The Newburgh Four

The FBI and CIA recruit criminals.

They recruit criminals to take part in 'terrorism'.

The Newburgh Four.

In June 2011, three men were convicted of trying to blow up synagogues in New York.

The men were incited by the FBI, and handed fake bombs. ­

According to media reports, an FBI operative provided the fake C4 and the fake stinger missile.

The inspiration to attack America came from a government-paid informant working to orchestrate the plot.

The suspects - poor, illiterate, African-American Muslims - were presented as the faces of homegrown terrorism, and subsequently found guilty of conspiring and attempting US terrorist attacks.

"There was no direction by a foreign entity or terrorist group," said Joseph Demarest, the head of the FBI's New York office in May 2009.

Instead direction came from Shahid Hussain. a Pakistani immigrant on the FBI payroll.

He was reportedly paid $100,000 for his services.


James Joseph 'Whitey' Bulger was a top US crime boss.

He was protected by people within the FBI.

He was part of the CIA's MK ULTRA brainwashing operation.

(Whitey Bulger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

From 1956-9, Bulger was in prison for armed robbery and hijacking.

It was there, according to Kevin Weeks, that he became involved in the MK-ULTRA program. (Whitey Bulger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Reportedly, Bulger had been an 'off-the-books' informant for the FBI since his teenage years.

In 2006, a U.S. District Court judge stated that the FBI failed to investigate Bulger's involvement in drug trafficking, murder, and other crimes over decades.

What about terrorism?

Bulger is reported to have been involved in a case concerning the supply of weapons to the IRA.

'Whitey' arrest recalls Gloucester IRA gun run