Saturday, February 05, 2011


Richmal Oates-Whitehead

A UN human rights official, Richard Falk, has suggested that the US government may have orchestrated the 9 11 attacks.

UN human rights official claims 9/11 was US plot

Falk is a former professor at Princeton University.

Meanwhile, at the 7/7 inquest into the London Tube Bombings, we learn of about a 'fake' doctor, Richmal Oates-Whitehead.

Richmal Oates-Whitehead died weeks after the 7/7 attacks.

Richmal claimed to have helped victims of the July 7 bombings.

Richmal was working for a medical publication based in Tavistock Square next to where the No 30 bus was blown up.

She was found dead in her flat five weeks after the bombings and nine days after her employers began an official investigation into her background.

Her statement after the 7/7 attack:

"I clearly remember a plane flying overhead and all of us looking up fearing the worst...

"There was another enormous bang as police detonated the 'bomb'."

July 7th People's Independent Inquiry Forum.

Thread with death certificate and discussion here et seq.



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