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London Bombs


The 9/11-7/7 connection part 1

The 9/11-7/7 connection part 2

The 9/11-7/7 connection part 3

The 9/11-7/7 connection part 4

The 9/11-7/7 connection part 5

Beckham - the 7/7 Bomber connection ???

The Truth about the 7/07 London Bombings Pt 1.

The Truth About The London Bombings Pt 2

Ludicrous Diversion - 7/7 London Bombings Documentary

7 July London Bombs... Bridget Dunne and many others demonstrated the absurdity of the published Timeline for the 7/7 bombers - ie that they had jumped on a train at Luton that did not exist. RELEASE THE EVIDENCE Petition
The Guardian


"It is evident that this whole crock of shit is now falling apart..."
The Transatlantic Airplane Bomb Plot Armageddon - DON'T TALK ABOUT IT !

Alex Jones'Terrorstorm': Examples of False Flag Operations

London Bombing 1
London Bombing 2
David Shayler speaks on 911

De Menezes
Sorry. But being sorry just isn't good enough

Were we meant to think de Menezes was Osman? Were the spooks trying to get us scared?

Lack of intelligence: the pot calling the kettle black

Questions About 7/7 The Tanweer Video Doesn't Answer

London 'bombers', or their doubles, have links to the CIA?

Terror Expert: London Bomber Was Working For MI5

Focus: How much did they know about Khan?

London Bombs

More than one Khan
An intelligence failure. An explosive exclusive. But was it the ...CIA may have given warning over wrong terrorism suspect

What is in the minds of the UK military?

ITV revelations on the murder of de Menezes

LENIN'S TOMB: More on ITV revelations.

There is now even more evidence that the London bombers were connected to the British security establishment, just as the Madrid bombers were connected to the Spanish security establishment. MI5 had secret tape recordings of one of the bombers discussing the building of a bomb, failed to properly monitor him, and then hid the existence of such tapes from the parliamentary intelligence and security committee, which investigated the attacks.

Two Oswalds, two Attas, two Mohammad Sidique Khans

Al-CIAda and 7/7,,1773194,00.html

London Bombs - unanswered questions

July 7 report - main findings

Did Charles Clarke release the 7 July London bombers?

London Police after 7/7
Senior officer's move seen as punishment for 'leak'
"Incompetence, lack of professionalism and lack of coherence at every level within the Met."
Shooting inquiry witness on a collision course

"Tube killing cops in clear"

Official version of 7/7 London bombings does not make sense

JULY 7th 2005, LONDON :

London terror: dirty tricks? Laurence Lustgarten, a senior member of the watchdog investigating the Metropolitan police over the death of an innocent Brazilian has been suspended in connection with allegations of sexually inappropriate behaviour. The IPCC faces further disruption at senior levels with the resignation of its chief executive, Susan Atkins.
Sex claim hits Met watchdog

MI5 knew that two British residents who were seized and secretly flown to Guantánamo Bay were carrying harmless items when it tipped off the CIA that they were in possession of bomb parts. Britain was involved in the rendition or torture of 17 of its own citizens or residents.
MI5 tip-off to CIA led to men's rendition

7/7 survivors ‘left in dark’

Ali Baba

July 7 victims recall their ordeal

Latest footage of London Bomber: More evidence of a frame up

Various plots

Met chief Sir Ian Blair to be quizzed under caution
Brian Paddick, one of Britain's most senior police officers, emerges as key figure in the Stockwell shooting inquiry.

The Oscar Slater case reminds us of the Lockerbie bomb case and many others.

UK policemen telling lies? A senior policeman committing rape?

Madrid bombs and the links to the security services. Madrid Bombings: No “al-Qaeda” Involvement

Senior officers: we knew wrong man was shot

MI5 links to alleged 7/7 bombers; incompetence or conspiracy?
7/7 cover-up exposed

Operation Gladio: Template for the War on Terror

Police to face charges in tube shooting. Allegedly evidence was faked.

McKie case linked to Lockerbie; Scottish justice controlled by the CIA? Reputation of Scottish justice in ruins?

Terrorists working for MI6?

Guardian mp3: [Mark Honigsbaum after interviewing survivors] "an explosion this morning under the carriage of the train", "some passengers described how the tiles, the covers on the floor of the train, suddenly flew up, raised up", "had been derailed by this explosion" - listen

Sources quoted by the News of the World allege that the IPCC report reveals that the log was altered from "it was Osman" to read instead "and it was not Osman".
There is a "belief that his killing was not the result of a catalogue of errors but that there was something more malign behind this."

London Bomb survivor Danny Biddle - did he really see a bomber?
Team8Plus- a specialized 9/11 research team: Forums ...

Bombs went off under the trains - eye witnesses

Murder of De Menezes; ITN journalist arrested over leak of the truth; murderers not yet arrested.

NYPD Says 7/7 Bombs Detonated By Mobile Phones

"MI5 knew in advance about 7 July bomb plan"

Understanding 7/7: Al-Qaeda and the Real Trinity of Terror

Ex-SAS man planted bomb that killed 80 men, women and children.

Britain protected the terrorists found guilty of the Bologna Massacre

1988 Mossad plot to bomb Britain

Tanweer had a £121,000 fortune

US evidence against Aswat is 'nonsense'.

The alleged Last Will Of alleged London Bomber Shaheed Mohammad Sidique Khan

Alleged MI6 man/London bombs mastermind Aswat to be sent to Guantanamo?,13743,1672928,00.html?gusrc=rss

Tanweer was known to MI5

UK: MORI poll finds only 58% of the public trust the police to tell the truth.

The London Bombs and Lt. Col. Crispin Black

Haroon Rashid Aswat - 'the London bomb mastermind'

Charges over Menezes's shooting 'possible'

London bombers,1518,368492,00.html
Some critics, in particular the Augstein biographer and former Spiegel writer Otto Köhler, have brought charges against the magazine's dealings with former Nazis, even SS officers.

According to The Independent on Sunday Revealed: truth about the Stockwell shooting

MI6 and the bombing of Rainbow Warrior

London bomber hoax; Imran Patel and the News of the World

Aussie Fake Terror Linked to Brit Intelligence

Security services reportedly involved in carrying out bombings in Turkey

Jordanian security forces evacuated Israelis from hotel before the bombing - according to Haaretz.

Special Reconnaissance Regiment; Leah Mates; Deepcut
Bali bomb 'mastermind' al-Farouq allowed to escape?
Double Agents - Militants Beware

The security services had links to the four July 7 London 'bombers' a year before July 7th.

Tanweer and DNA

Some UK police appear to be 'little better than criminals' according to think tank.

July 7 'Tube bomber' argued with cashier shortly before blast

MOHAMMED SIDIQUE KHAN - Links to the security services.

Hasib Mir Hussein - alleged bus bomber
London 7/7 'accomplice' held

Shayler: 'Blair was an MI5 agent'.
Bristol Evening Post report on David Shayler's claims that 9 11 was the work of elements of the US government and that Blair worked for MI5

Former CIA Analyst: Government May Be Manufacturing Fake Terrorism
Tony Blair worked for the security services? And Straw, Mandelson, Hain...?
Iran arrests 'British agents' in connection with bombings.
Military 'had role in' Bali blasts

De Menezes family demands justice

7 July London bomb survivors did not see any bombers or rucksacks

Survivors of 7 July London bombs fail to mention seeing bombers or rucksacks.

Websites blocked?

De Menezes tapes 'prove police lied'

London Bombings Data Page

More allegations concerning Aswat and robberies in Ireland.

'CCTV captures of alleged London bombers 10 days before attacks'

'The so-called "insurgent" bombings are really being carried out by UK and US operatives'; the role of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment.

London bombs: former UK cabinet minister Meacher says MI6 is trying to cover its tracks.

Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked

Friends claim Khan's statement was faked
Fake Mohammad Sidique Khan video?
Khan is working for the security services?

Britain's Military is corrupt?
The explosives.
"7/7 Bombers" movements Physically Impossible

7 July 'bus bomber' phoned 'tube bombers' after the tube explosions.
Lest we forget - Aswat
7 July London bombs -truth and lies about devices
A plot by a secretive section of the military to kill De Menezes as part of a strategy of tension?

Officers involved in murder of de Menezes not yet questioned
De Menezes and CCTV pictures that may have been destroyed?
CCTV - de Menezes - more police 'lies'?
De menezes and the pathologist

The killing of de Menezes and Operation Gladio

Serendipity and why the London bombings were carried out
Aswat worked for MI6 in Kosovo?
Scotland Yard 'Not Interested' In Talking To 7/7 Bomb Mastermind
Concerns about de Menezes investigator , Roy Clark
'Untouchables—Dirty Cops, Bent Justice and Racism in Scotland Yard'
No one charged in 7 July attacks; 'Mastermind' Aswat to disappear in America?
Christophe Chaboud

British intelligence and an alleged attempt to bomb the Chicago subway.
Aswat and John Loftus

Madrid Bombs
The police and the Madrid Bombs
Police linked to Madrid bombs?

Saudi Arabia - you are next?

Hussain Osman - arrested in Rome

Former Justice Dept. prosecutor John Loftus claims alleged London bombing mastermind Haroon Rashid Aswat is a "double agent" who "works for the MI6".

Terrorists controlled by the security services? - Xymphora
Questions from Xymphora about the 7 July bombers.
David Shayler, ex-MI5 agent: 'the London bombings were most likely carried out by the British government.'

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605
The Jubilee Plot of 1887

Operation Gladio and other acts of government terror.
27 killed by British bombs in Dublin?

The London bombs and Israel - Christopher Bollyn, American Free Press
Verint Systems, a subsidiary of Israel's Comverse Technology

The CIA and terror in the UK
Britain's worst terror incident at Lockerbie; the Lockerbie trial 'was rigged'
Giuliani, Kiley, Netanyahu, Halliburton

Bruce Lait - I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag.

Who shorted the British pound? Did Greenspan know in advance?
Netanyahu warned
Terror drill on morning of 7 July
Happenings at Luton and Kings Cross before the bombings of 7 July
The CCTV cameras on the bus bombed on 7 July - an e mail from a Stagecoach employee
CCTV images of the alleged bombers
Anthony Larkin

The British Criminal Justice System

UK criminal justice system - very incompetent or very corrupt?
Nicolas Sarkozy - report of the arrests of some of the suspects prior to 7 July 2005.
How easy is it to persuade people to join a plot?

Jean Charles de Menezes shot by the police

Hasib Hussain - 7 July bomb on a bus

Muktar Said-Ibrahim
Shahzad Tanweer
Germaine Lindsay and a terrorist mastermind - information or disinformation?
Mohammed Sidique Khan

Mohamed Atta
The explosives and the devices


Who gains?

Reports of American military activity
Matthew Paris and Simon Jenkins

Mohammed Naseem - Birmingham's most prominent Muslim leader
What Moslems want


Bush, Bin Laden, Drugs....


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The White House undermined real efforts by the Pakistanis and the British to avert terror….Then, 7/7 happened…

Please sign the petition for an enquiry and for justice….


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Great archive. I'm doing as much of the Hamza trial as possible.

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