Friday, July 14, 2006

Were we meant to think de Menezes was Osman? Were the spooks trying to get us scared?

Allegedly, elements of the security services organised an act of fake terrorism in London on 21 July 2005.

Allegedly, one of the fake terrorists was Hussain Osman. Allegedly, Hussain Osman was allowed to escape to Rome.

On 22 July 2005, elements of the security services shot dead a Brazilian, Jean Charles de Menezes.

Allegedly, the killers of de Menezes knew that he was innocent.

De Menezes was shot dead on a tube train.

Allegedly, elements of the security services had two aims:

1. To create fear. (Operation Gladio: Template for the War on Terror ; The killing of de Menezes and Operation Gladio )

2. To make it look as if the security services had shot dead Hussain Osman.

Unfortunately for the security services various whistleblowers apparently gave the game away.
(Murder of De Menezes; ITN journalist arrested over leak of the truth; murderers not yet arrested.)

Whistleblowers revealed that:

1. De Menezes was an innocent Brazilian

2. Various police sources had repeatedly and deliberately lied about the case.

If a shadowy section of the security services organised the killing of de Menezes, it will be difficult to prosecute police officers for the crime.

Menezes: no officers charged

Clare Dyer, legal editor, Saturday July 15, 2006 The Guardian :

No individual police officers involved in the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes will face prosecution over his death, the Guardian has learned. The Crown Prosecution Service has ruled out murder or manslaughter charges after a review of the circumstances surrounding the killing of the innocent Brazilian who was mistaken for a suicide bomber in July last year.


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