Friday, November 25, 2005

London bomber hoax; Imran Patel and the News of the World

25 November 2005

Man jailed over London bomber hoax.

A man has been jailed for four months for claiming to have been the fifth London bomber in the July 7 attacks.Imran Patel, 27, was sentenced at Leeds Magistrates Court, after admitting wasting over 4,000 hours of police time with the hoax claim.

The court heard how Patel, who was from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, made the false claims to ‘News of the World’ journalist Mazher Mahmood.

The newspaper then alerted police, who arrested Patel at his home in October.At sentencing Judge David Kitson said that Patel’s actions had diverted “valuable and specialist police resources” from pursuing genuine lines of inquiry.Judge Kitson also said that an immediate custodial sentence was appropriate, because the offence was so serious.


October 23, 2005
London bombing 'recruit' arrested

LONDON, England (AP) -- British police said Sunday they arrested a man who reportedly said he was asked to join the group of suicide bombers who attacked London in July.
London's Metropolitan Police said anti-terrorist officers arrested a 27-year-old man in the Dewsbury area of West Yorkshire late Saturday.


On 11 November 2005 the Private Eye disclosed, "Another victory for News of the World fake sheikh Mazhar Mahmood, who, for one reason or other, is seeing an increasing number of his scoops resulting in police investigations these days....

Imran Patel, "a fanatic who has had arms training in Pakistan", told Mahmood that he had been "groomed" to be the fifth suicide bomber in London on 7 July before getting cold feet and pulling out.

As is the usual routine, News of the World handed its dossier on Patel to the Anti-Terrorism squad, who obigingly arrested him on the Saturday evening....questioning him at length and rather less obligingly, charging him with wasting police time.

So how did the paper deal deal with this fascinating postscript to its tale the following Sunday? Did it reassure readers that there was in fact no need to worry about the dire warnings of primed fanatics in their midst it has spread over 1000 words the week before? Er, it did not print another word on the matter".



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