Tuesday, August 09, 2005

'Untouchables—Dirty Cops, Bent Justice and Racism in Scotland Yard'


For some people, the phrase 'Scotland Yard' conjures up visions of Dixon of Dock Green, freemasons, the framing of innocent people, the pocketing of millions in bribes, and high level cover-ups.

The book, Untouchables—Dirty Cops, Bent Justice and Racism in Scotland Yard, by Michael Gillard and Laurie Flynn, describes corruption within the London police.

Eton Green and Delroy Denton were two violent criminals from Jamaica. They were protected by Scotland Yard, apparently so that they would act as informants.

They terrorised the black communities in London and Nottingham. Charges involving drugs, guns and the rape of a child were dropped.

In 1995, while being protected by Scotland Yard, Denton “raped and murdered a young Brixton mother of two. Marcia Lawes was stabbed 20 times during a frenzied sexual assault.”

Green, under police protection, robbed 150 people at a Nottingham nightclub at gunpoint.

Stoke Newington Police Station in Hackney, East London, was notorious for a series of violent black deaths in custody. The Hackney Community Defence Campaign exposed “a web of organised corruption in the local drug squad, and led to the overturn of 13 miscarriages of justice. Their efforts exposed a force out of control, racist and in denial.”

In 1983 the Brinks Mat gold bullion robbery took place and it involved criminals from south east London including freemason Kenneth Noye, who was alleged to have corrupt links to police officers. One of Noye’s criminal associates was Clifford Norris.

Black teenager Stephen Lawrence was murdered in 1993. David Norris was one of the gang of alleged killers of Lawrence. David Norris is the son of Cifford Norris.

David Norris was never convicted.

One Flying Squad officer who had investigated links between the Brinks Mat gang and police was prevented from giving evidence at the Lawrence inquiry.

He said that this was done because “there are links between south east London criminal families and policemen, senior policemen, that go way back…and the Yard couldn’t afford for any of this to come out during the Lawrence inquiry”.

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