Sunday, August 14, 2005

Serendipity and why the London bombings were carried out

Serendipity argues that the London bombings were carried out:

To sabotage the G8 meeting

To further promote the myths of "Arab/Muslim terrorists".

To distract attention from Blair's lies on Iraq.

To terrorize the British people into not opposing a police state.

Serendipity writes that Rudy Giuliani was in West Yorkshire, where three of the alleged bombers lived, on the day before the attack, and on 7/7 just happened to be "just yards from Liverpool Street station when the bombs went off."


"On 7/7 UK Foreign Minister Jack Straw stated within hours: 'It has the hallmarks of an al Qaeda-related attack.'

"It certainly resembled the Madrid bombings, but if that was what Jack Straw meant then he failed to point out that the suspects in that atrocity were police informants with links to Spain's security services...

" On the evening of 7 July 2005 Rosemary Hollis, a Director at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London (the mother organization of the Council on Foreign Relations, both organizations promoting an elite agenda for control of the world) was interviewed on the BBC World Service and attempted to persuade us that the London bombings happened because some Muslims who were feeling "alienated" had taken to using the web to communicate with their coreligionists...

"A lot of people may have been fooled in the days following 9/11 by Bush's talk of 'Arab terrists who hate our freedoms'. They are less likely to be fooled by Blair's talk (and the lies of the corporate-controlled mainstream media) regarding 'Muslim extremists' and 'Islamists' intent on 'destroying what we in this country hold dear.'

"Such vicious insinuations are merely a continuation of the tactic of demonizing Arabs and Muslims in order to 'justify' the illegal and immoral wars against those countries in the Middle East which the Axis of Evil (Britain, the US and Israel) wishes to conquer, control and exploit.

"The London bombings were the work of operatives of the global-dominance power elite, who care nothing for how many people die (which of us will be next?) provided only that they can maintain and expand their control over the world's money and economic resources. If we and our children are to live our lives without continual fear then their control must be broken....

" Fascism was not defeated in the 1930s and 1940s; it simply went underground...."



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