Monday, August 01, 2005



It may be that that the USA and Israel are happy to see fundamentalist Shi'ites, rather than secular forces, in control in Iran and in Iraq.

A comment by Jebelia at the Portland Indy Media site:

"Ledeen may say he wants the US to attack Iran, but when you are as corrupt as Michael Ledeen, words are meaningless. Watch what the neocons do; don't put too much faith in what they say.

"And keep in mind that when Ledeen was on Reagan's National Security Council his major responsibility was to supply US arms to Iran through Israel.

"Bush and his collective brain used the pretext of an attack on the US by Islamic extremists to overthrow a secular Arab government - that of Iraq.

"The entirely predictable result of the Iraq invasion is that the Arab consensus which was always the source of whatever integrity and stability Iraq possessed has broken down. This breakdown inevitably resulted in a civil war between the Arab Shi'ite and Sunnite communities in Iraq which will negatively affect all of Iraq's Arab neighbors.

"(Actually a civil war was not the inevitable consequence of the fall of Saddam's government. If the US had not disbanded the Iraqi military, or if it had quickly organized a large peacekeeping force from surrounding Arab countries as Dilip Hiro urged, the disaster we are seeing could have been avoided, but either of those options were anathema to the neocons.)

"For decades the main goal of Israeli foreign policy has been to prevent the Arabs from getting together economically politically, and secular Arab nationalism has been seen as the greatest threat to Israel.

"The Shi'ite clerical hierarchy that has controled Iran for 26 years now controls Iraq as well, thanks to the US of A.

"I foresaw this result before the invasion, and I am not psychic, terribly bright or especially well-informed. It is therefore difficult for me to believe that the experts at the Pentagon and Herzliya who planned this operation did not foresee it as well.

"It must be that either

"1) there was a deal made between Iran, Israel and the Bushies in advance of the invasion of Iraq (even in advance of 911?), or

"2) that the Israelis and neocons believed that the chaos caused to the Arab world would be worth the danger of empowering the Shi'ite theocrats without striking a deal.

So maybe the end game of the War on Terror/Clash of Civilizations will include a nuclear attack on Iran, but we're now just in the early stages. The next target is the only country in the region that has not surrendered to the US or Israel and has remained true to non-sectarian Arab nationalism - Syria."


Or Saudi Arabia?



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