Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Concerns about de Menezes investigator , Roy Clark


Alastair Morgan, at Indymedia 01.08.2005, wrote that he was concerned about former Deputy Assistant Commissioner Roy Clark having any involvement in the investigation into Charles de Menezes’s death.

Morgan wrote:

1. It’s wrong that any former Met officer should be involved in this investigation. It invites the suspicion of a cover-up.

2. I have a very negative personal experience of Mr Clark when he carried out a third investigation into police involvement in the murder of my brother, private investigator Daniel Morgan.

Daniel Morgan was axed to death in 1987. At an inquest in 1988 it was alleged that his partner, Jonathan Rees had arranged his murder with the assistance of police officers from Catford who would also take part in the investigation and arrange a cover-up.

Alastair Morgan writes:

"All of the available evidence points to the truth of these allegations. Daniel’s role in his company was later taken over by a member of the murder squad. We believe that a major motive for this crime was than Daniel was about to blow the whistle on police corruption in south-east London.

"Roy Clark carried out this investigation without my family’s knowledge after we’d been lobbying for a decade to have it reopened. During this secret investigation, he blew a golden opportunity to gather evidence on the police involvement in Daniel’s murder.

"After this failed investigation, he proposed a fourth inquiry. I insisted if we were to trust the Met at all, that he should disclose to me a report by Hampshire police who carried out a so-called outside inquiry into the murder in 1988-90.

"I was certain Hampshire had carried out whitewash and wanted the police to come clean about the past before I would trust them in the future. Clark had claimed that previous investigations had been 'honest and thorough'.

"Clark told me first that I could read a copy of the Hampshire report (but not be given a copy) if I first indemnified Hampshire against civil action. I refused these absurd terms outright.
In the end, it took a three year battle through the courts to get a copy of the report. When I read it, it became clear to me exactly why the Met did not want me to see it. The description 'honest and through' was a mockery of reality."

The exchange of letters between Roy Clark and Alastair Morgan's solicitor Raju Bhatt is published on the campaign website.

Daniel’s murder and the investigations into it are dealt with in some detail in the book “Untouchables – Dirty cops, bent justice and racism at Scotland Yard” by journalists Michael Gillard and Laurie Flynn. This book also gives a full account of Roy Clark’s career at the Met.

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