Saturday, August 06, 2005

Christophe Chaboud

The bombs used in the terrorist attacks were of "military origin" , according to a senior French policeman sent to London to help in the investigation.

Christophe Chaboud, head of the French Anti-Terrorism Co-ordination Unit, told Le Monde newspaper that the explosives used in the bombings were of " military origin", which he described as "very worrying".

Chaboud said: "How did they get them? Either by trafficking, for example, in the Balkans, or they had someone on the inside who enabled them to get out of the military establishment."

He added that the victims' wounds suggested that the explosives, which were " not heavy but powerful", had been placed on the ground, perhaps underneath seats.

SOURCEThe Independent, "Explosive used in bombs 'was of military origin'", 12 July 2005.


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