Saturday, July 30, 2005

Who shorted the British pound? Did Greenspan know in advance?

Who shorted British pound?

It appears some people profited by short selling the British pound in the 10 days leading up to the 7 July attacks attacks.

Following 9-11, there were reports of short-selling stocks and millions in profits made overnight.

That investigation also implied that the short-selling would track back to Osama, but surprise, surprise, the short-selling trade traced back to Israeli nationals and to the CIA itself.

At that point, we never heard about the short-selling again.


The Fed is the US Federal Reserve Board and its chairman is Alan Greenspan.

The Fed has previously supported financial markets by increasing liquidity to boost the stock market - as happened after 9/11.

But an analysis of stock transactions by financial M.B.A. "cunningrealist," shows that even though the attacks in London took place on Thursday, 7th July, the Fed had already hugely increased liquidity 48 hours before that - just in time for that liquidity to filter into the market.

Did Greenspan know of the 7 July attacks in advance?



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