Saturday, July 30, 2005

Reports of American military activity

Rixon Stewart, in the Truth Seeker, 16 July 2005, wrote:

Right now we cannot say with any certainty where the events of July 7th are heading but something is definitely in the offing.

Residents near Wright Patterson Air Force Base in the US report tremendous activity there, far more so than usual.

Coupled with this we are informed that all leave has been cancelled at some US military bases and with the construction of a huge US military base in Israel, scheduled to be operational by September, something big is looming in the months ahead.

So if something is looming, you might ask, where will it happen?

Just as the events of 9/11 led to Afghanistan and Iraq, we would suggest that the horrors of 7/7/05 are intended to lead to another war somewhere in the Middle East.

American Base in Israel:



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