Saturday, July 30, 2005

Matthew Paris and Simon Jenkins,,1065-1704834,00.html

Matthew Paris, in The Times July 23, 2005, named the four powers who are behind the al-Qaeda conspiracy:

1. the security services

2. the government

3. the media

4. and the terrorist.

According to Paris:

"The BBC’s The Power of Nightmares made an important point: fear silences opposition, and governments walk tallest when an external threat can be identified and they can lead us against it."

Paris wrote:

"Immediately after July 7 it was prominently reported that the explosions 'bore all the hallmarks' of the use of a type of high-grade military explosive whose presence would indicate a sophisticated international dimension to the bombings."

Then the story changed.

"Immediately after the first bombing, a report was splashed that two people had been arrested trying to leave Heathrow.They were released without charge."

A few days after that, much was made of the arrest in Egypt of a British Muslim whom the less-scrupulous news reports called a “chemist” (he is a biochemist).

Then the story changed.

"Then there were some big headlines about an alleged “al-Qaeda operative” who had “slipped” into Britain, and slipped out — just before the bombings."

Then the story changed."

This is only a small sample of the deadends..."


Osama and the CIA writing the scripts?,,2088-1697230,00.html

Simon Jenkins, in the 17 July 2005 Sunday Times, refers to the London bombers.

The one thing the bomber craves is fame. So why offer it on a plate?

Why does BBC news ghoulishly retrace the Thameslink “trail of terror”, or Newsnight explain exactly how to make a Tube bomb, or a radio reporter declare that “race relations in Leeds will never be the same again”?

Who is writing these scripts — Osama Bin Laden?...

For the past week I have sometimes wondered whether Bin Laden himself were not controlling the British media.



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