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Hasib Hussain - 7 July bomb on a bus



Eyewitness accounts of a bomber aboard the London bus on 7 July are at variance with each other and with CCTV evidence.

First the question of the description of the man:

BUS blast survivor Richard Jones yesterday revealed how he came face-to-face with one of the London bombers.

The Scots IT expert got off the double-decker just seconds before it was torn apart.

He said the bomber was around 6ft tall, in his mid-twenties, clean-shaven and smartly dressed.

The man was wearing hipster-style fawn checked trousers, with exposed designer underwear, and a matching jersey-style top.

'The pants looked very expensive, they were white with a red band on top... He was standing with his back to me downstairs at the driver's side, which is exactly where the explosion was...

The noise was unbelievable.

I served an apprenticeship in an explosives factory in Ayrshire so I knew what it was.'


Does that sound like the blue-jeaned, unshaven, rather drably-dressed Hasib Hussain?

How about this description -again by Jones:"He described the man as being about 6-feet tall, olive-skinned and clean-shaven, wearing tight, light brown trousers and a light brown top."


Not really compatible with the CCTV evidence, is it?

As the Scotsman newspaper reported:

"CCTV pictures show him at Luton station at 7:20am. Casually dressed in jeans and a jacket, like any ordinary teenager, he was unlikely to attract attention from busy commuters on the Thameslink train..."


Then there's the issue of the bag/haversack:


"Could you tell what he was doing with the bag, Mr. Jones?"

RICHARD JONES: "Not really. It was a - obviously, a small bag. It didn't go beyond the width of his ankles."


A "small bag"? Hussain has a hulking great haversack in the CCTV image.

Finally, the question of exactly where on the bus the bomber was:Terence Mutasa, 27, a staff nurse at University College hospital, said:"I treated two girls in their 20s who were involved in the bus bomb. They were saying some guy came and sat down and that he exploded. The girls received minor injuries and were in shock and distressed. They said the guy just sat down and the explosion happened. They thought it was a suicide bomber." [Source]

Which seems at variance with Richard Jones' account above.


The UK's Sunday Mail said that Jones "revealed how he came face-to-face with one of the London bombers" and that Jones said that the bombing suspect "was right in my face." Then, in the same interview, Jones also said that "He was standing with his back to me downstairs at the driver's side."

The Associated Press version quotes Jones from the BBC interviews as saying, ""Everybody is standing face-to-face and this guy kept dipping into this bag."

But then, in an article in the UK's Sun, Jones had this to say: "I did not see his face because he was constantly looking down."

And in another interview he said it this way: "I didn't actually see his face but he was becoming more and more anxious."

... From the BBC News: "He was standing next to me with a bag at his feet and he kept dipping into this bag and fiddling about with something."

Yahoo News: " an agitated man fiddling suspiciously with a paper sack."

In the Sunday Mail: "he only got off because he was so annoyed by the man next to him fiddling with a rucksack"

...From the Reuters version: "Richard Jones jumped off his bus when he realised it wasn't following the usual route."

Associated Press: "Jones decided to join another passenger who said he was going to walk instead."

ABC News interview: Gibson: "Now, I understand you got off just before the explosion because the bus had been re-routed and, and really wasn't getting anywhere."

Jones: "Correct. I was then able to go out the back door, the rear door of the bus."

And finally, lets go back to the UK Sun article: "Richard stepped off the bus at his destination."

From the Independent: "Mr Jones got off the bus - he did not know why - and started walking."

... In several versions, Jones said that he exited out "the back door, the rear door", (ABC interview), and that "we banged the back of the bus and the driver then let us off," (Associated Press), but then, in the Sunday Mail version, he said, "I had to bang on the front door and shouted something like, 'Come on, Jimmy, we want off.' About half a dozen got out the back door just before us and the same number, including me, left by the front." ~~~

21 July 2005.

UK boy wrongly labelled as bomber.

Evidence showing that all three of the London bombers of Pakistani descent visited Pakistan last year has been thrown into doubt.

A photograph of a passport purporting to show bomber Hasib Hussain was in fact that of a 16-year-old British boy with the same name.

The photo, together with documentation showing two other bombers visited Pakistan, was published on Monday.

The passport details supposedly of the bomber Hasib Hussain are actually those of a teenage boy living in High Wycombe, approximately 30 miles (50km) north-west of London.

On Monday Pakistan's Federal Immigration Authority (FIA) said that Hasib Hussain, carrying a British passport number, arrived in the port city of Karachi from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia on 15 July 2004.

Photographs of the passport were published in Pakistan and then around the world.

However, the 16-year-old at the heart of the confusion has now been interviewed at his High Wycombe home by Pakistani TV station ARY.

"I first saw my photograph on Channel 4 [news] and I was terrified," the boy told ARY. "I didn't want people looking at me saying, hey, you are supposed to be dead," he told ARY, "or someone saying that there goes the London bomber."

His father told ARY that the family had indeed arrived in Karachi from Saudi Arabia. He appealed for British and Pakistani authorities to clear up the confusion.


Australia is to step up its investigation of a suspected Israeli spy ring following the imprisonment of two Mossad agents in New Zealand yesterday for passport fraud...

Cara and Uriel Kelman, 31, will be deported to Israel after serving their six-month sentence for attempting to obtain a passport in the name of an Auckland cerebral palsy sufferer.

September 5, 2002

Federal officials are investigating claims that Israeli agents posed as Canadians during a spy operation...

In 1997, Canada recalled its ambassador to Israel after undercover Mossad agents were caught using falsified Canadian passports during an assassination attempt...



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