Saturday, July 30, 2005

Giuliani, Kiley, Netanyahu, Halliburton

Commissioner of Transport for London is Robert Kiley.

While in the CIA, he served as Manager of Intelligence Operations and then as Executive Assistant to the Director.

Rudolf Giuliani was in London, close to where the first bomb exploded, and his office won't say why he was there, except that he was on "business".

In particular, his office won't say whether or not he was a consultant or manager for Visor consultants, who planned the 'exercise' involving simultaneous tube-station bombs in cooperation with an unnamed client.

Giuliani is believed to have links to the CIA. He was once talked of as a possible future CIA director.


"Netanyahu was the scheduled keynote speaker at an Israeli corporate investment conference at the Great Eastern hotel near the Liverpool Street subway station...",0,612860.story?coll=nyc-homepage-breaking2%20

"...Giuliani was having breakfast at the Great Eastern Hotel a half block from the Liverpool Street Station in Central London, when he heard an explosion..."


HALLIBURTON: Our Projects include: London Underground

Since 1988, KBR has been enhancing the safety and security of the London Underground. The entire network has been reviewed to define at-risk locations in order to quantify the consequences following an adverse event.



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